Damaged Gutters? We Offer Durable Gutter Replacement

gutter replacement contractorAs a homeowner, you must make many important decisions about the care of your home. Muth & Company Roofing can help you make those decisions easier by offering a one-stop solution for roof installation and everything related to your roof, including gutters. We believe gutters shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, we offer highly skilled gutter installers, quality materials and the same outstanding customer service experience we’re known for.

When heavy rains move into the Columbus area, hundreds of gallons of water will fall onto your roof. Rather than having large amounts of water pooling around your home, causing damage to the exterior and interior, you can avoid putting your home at risk with a quality Columbus gutter system. Properly installed gutters carry water a safe distance away from your home, keeping the water from infiltrating and causing leaks, basement flooding and eventual structural damage.

With many coordinating materials and colors to choose from, gutters can also be used to complement your roofing system and enhance your home’s curb appeal. We can demonstrate the many colors available to create a unique exterior when we provide you with a free gutter estimate.

We Install Worry-Free Seamless Gutters

Muth & Company recommends seamless aluminum gutters for a number of reasons. Traditional gutter systems are made of several sections of gutter pieced together with connectors. Over time, the resulting seams weaken and cause leaks. Because seamless gutters are manufactured from one long, continuous piece of metal, the only seams are at the corners. This greatly reduces the possibility of leaks.

To create seamless gutters, Muth & Company brings our forming machine to your home and our team crafts each segment on-site. This ensures gutters are custom fitted to your home’s exact specifications. We also use hidden hangers which blend into the gutter for a clean look, and space the hangers closely together to increase gutter strength against the weight of snow and ice.

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