Expert Gutter Repair for Leaky, Clogged or Damaged Gutters

Expert Gutter Repair for Leaky, Clogged or Damaged Gutters

rebuilt-box-gutters-dental-molding-german-villageWhen your existing gutters give you trouble, your first call should be to Muth & Company Roofing. We offer a full suite of services when it comes to gutters in Columbus, OH. Our services range from replacement to repair or redirection of water flow and even includes gutter guards and an optional yearly maintenance program. We would be happy to inspect your gutters at no charge and give you an estimate for any of your gutter needs.

The Dangers of Ignoring Gutters

Gutters sag and leak when left unattended for long periods of time, giving your home an unkempt look. Worse, gutter problems can threaten its structural integrity. Gutters which are clogged with leaves and debris force water to overflow and pool around your home’s foundation, a serious problem that may result in basement flooding and even a cracked foundation. Other areas that are affected by improperly functioning gutters are soffit and fascia, siding, landscaping and even the interior walls of your home. Standing water inside gutters that are improperly pitched makes your home a hot spot for mosquitoes and other pests.

Prevent more serious threats to your home’s integrity by keeping your gutters in good repair. Here are some of the most common repairs we make to gutters in Columbus, Ohio are:

  • Remove clogs in gutter troughs and downspouts
  • Replace gutter sections
  • Repair disconnected joints
  • Patch holes and cracks
  • Reattach or replace gutter hangers
  • Adjust gutters for proper flow to downspouts

Add Gutter Protection to Extend Gutter Life

Muth & Company Roofing can install sturdy, effective Leaf Relief® gutter protection to keep leaves and debris out of gutters. This will extend the life of your gutters and eliminate the inconvenience of having to clean your gutters frequently. Especially if you have trees nearby, gutter protection is a wise investment that keeps water in its place, flowing safely away from your home.

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